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Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy or crystal healing is a form of holistic healing that has been used for thousands of years. Crystal therapy involves the application of crystals or gemstones to facilitate healing. Crystals can be used alone or combined with other healing therapies for added strength in a healing treatment.

Each crystal and gemstone has its own energy vibration. The energy that they transmit can have powerful effects on the different energy vibrations in a human being. It helps to clear blocked energy in our body, attune our mind, body, spirit and emotions, and bring our energy field back into balance. Through this balancing and attuning, they help us to heal ourselves. As well as helping our healing process, crystals are valuable aids in helping us cope with daily life. They can give support in times of fear, lack of confidence, anxiety, trauma, and other distressing situations.
Crystal Healing Session
A crystal treatment lasts for approximately one hour. The client will remain fully clothed, while lying on the plinth and will have a blanket placed over them for the duration of the treatment.

The crystals are mainly placed on specific areas of the body known as the chakras. There are seven major energy centres in the body, each chakra represents a particular part of the body and also parts of your consciousness and each one has a particular colour associated with it.

Crystals are placed on the chakras to enhance the flow of energy. Crystals direct the flow of energy to the person in a particular part of the body to bring balance to the persons energy while removing blocked energy. Crystals are used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing
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