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Rainbow Healing No.4, Old Dublin Rd, Carlow.
Tel: 087 153 1608 Email: bridget@rainbowhealing.ie
Web: www.rainbowhealing.ie
Water Lillys
Guided Visualisation & Meditation
Guided Visualisation & Meditation is suited to those who wish to experience a state of relaxation and inner harmony by deepening their meditation practice. The focus of the session will be on how to achieve stress relief, techniques to eliminate persistent negative thoughts/feelings, and how to live a healthier, happier life using meditation and visualisation with the help of your Guardian Angels and the Archangels. Sessions are suitable for all levels.

Angel Circle At the Angel Circle we work with your Guardian Angels & the Archangels. Guided Visualisation & Meditation, Balancing Chakras, Angel Exercises to help you work through any areas where you might need angelic assistance . Every week we work with different tools ie. Angel cards, crystals, colour, candles, pendulums, psychometry and lots more. The angel circle is suitable for all levels whether you are a beginner or experienced in working with the Angels. It is a great way to meet other like minded people.
Group Work
Reiki Share Evenings - Monthly
Rainbow Healing holds a Reiki Share Evening the first Wednesday of every month. The evening is be open to all healers who have completed any levels of Reiki with Rainbow Healing or any other Reiki Master. The evening will commmence with a group meditation, then giving and receiving reiki healing and we will finish with tea & coffee to share our experiences.

Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation - Monthly
We start with Guided Meditation with Bridget, followed by a Sound Healing Session with Gunnar using the sounds of the beautiful crystal bowls to bring balance and harmony to your chakras bringing about healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of your body. A most enjoyable and relaxing evening. Tea & Coffee also included.
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