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Seichem is an extension of Reiki. Seichem is a very subtle but powerful vibration that works on all levels of our energies; physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, chakras and aura.

Reiki works with the earth element and Seichem works with the additional Fire, Water & Air/Spirit elements.

The fire element is represented by Sakara, an energy that works on the electro-magnetic field surrounding the body (the aura), and has a sparkling or tingling feeling when channelled a bit like small electrical impulses. It "burns" through blockages and cleanses the chakras.
Seichem Healing
Sophi-El represents the element of water. Water is associated with the emotions and Sophi-El opens the heart to feel love and compassion. It reaches deep within the emotions to find the core of disturbances. It can help with removing addictions and it enhances psychic awareness and increases intuitive abilities. It is felt as a gentle, pulsating coolness or intense icy-cold.

The air and spirit elements are combined in a two-fold ray called Angeliclight. Air is associated with communication, so healing of both the third eye and throat chakras is increased. As its name implies Angelic light establishes a link with the Angelic realms, facilitating contact with angels, guides and higher beings. It is usually felt as light cool breezes and often clients experience healing being carried out nowhere near the hands of the healer.

Without the grounding and earthing properties of Reiki to form a base no other element can be channelled. Reiki can benefit physical, mental and emotional health and is usually experienced as warmth or coolness, just like the surface of the earth.
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