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Reiki first degree is focused on teaching a student everything they have to know about the art of Reiki. Reiki heals on the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual levels of the body. You will be taught what Reiki means and what it can do for you while receiving an in-depth description about Reiki. This includes where it came from, how to give it, and the proper way of using it. Initiation and attunements into Reiki Level I and hands-on practice using the different hand positions used in reiki healing are also part of the workshop.

Upon completion of the first degree Reiki training students receive certification, they will know how to use the Reiki energy for self-healing and also for healing their family & friends (you cannot charge clients a fee until you have completed Level II training), it is also ideal for any person who suffers from a long term illness or a who have a family member who suffers from a long term illness as they can use the healing on themselves or others on a daily basis to relieve any pain, discomfort etc. they may be experiencing from their illness. First degree Reiki can also stimulate personal and spiritual growth in a person.
Date: Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th of May 2014 Time: 10am - 4pm both days
Price: €150.00 euro

Many people love working with crystals in lots of ways. Some will use them for personal use, while others will use them to compliment their healing therapies. At the workshop some of the topics covered are:
* The Human Energy - Aura & Chakras
* Introduction to Crystals
* Types of Crystals
* Working with your Chakra/Rainbow Collection
* Working with the Angelic Realm in Crystal Healing
* Working with your Intuition using Crystals
* Caring for your Crystals - Choosing, Clearing & Charging
* Programming you Crystals
* Making Crystal Grids
* Plus lots more.
To book a place you can call Bridget on 087 153 1608 or mail bridget@rainbowhealing.ie or facebook

Date: Date to be decided Time: 10am - 4.00pm
Price: €50 euro includes set of chakra tumblestones & notes.